Saturday, May 11, 2019

Heavy Influx of Yankees

In my continuing search for source information on prisoners of war taken during the Petersburg Campaign, I located the two news articles, above and below, in the August 22 issue of the Richmond Daily Dispatch. These soldiers, captured during the Battle of Globe Tavern (aka Weldon Railroad) belonged primarily to the V and IX Corps, commanded by Maj. Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren and Maj. Gen. John G. Parke, respectively. 

Interestingly, a few of the regiments listed here with the officers' names appear to have been defunct by the time of the Petersburg Campaign. For example, the 2nd Pennsylvania is listed here a few times, but it was apparently a 90-day regiment who mustered out in July 1861. Also, the 4th New York, who mustered out in May 1863. Did these Union officers give their Confederate captors false information? I'm not sure.

However, armed with this information, I hope that as I search through some of these names, that I am fortunate enough to come across at least a few personal accounts recorded by these officers. In addition, perhaps, their accounts will lead me to others made by their enlisted men when captured. Regardless, it is an encouraging first step toward personalizing the experience of being taken prisoner of war during the Petersburg Campaign. Wish me luck in my search!

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