Friday, June 11, 2010

On the Road to D.C...and Other Adventures

Bright and early tomorrow morning I will be on my way to Washington D.C. with a couple of colleagues for the National History Day competition. Actually, the contest is being held in College Park, Maryland at the University of Maryland, but it's just a short Metro ride from D.C. While we are there we have set up some photo opportunities with some of our Kentucky legislators at the Capitol building and plan on taking in a few sights of the city.

Luckily for me, after the contest is over on Thursday, I get to take a few days of vacation to do some research and visit some other historic sights. I am hoping to get to see the Frederick Douglass House and the Lincoln Cottage at the Soldier's Home, as well as spend some time in Old Alexandria during the following weekend. On Monday I hope to hit the Library of Congress to do some research, and then on Tuesday I have made an appointment to visit Harpers Ferry National Historic Park's research library. Its always a treat to get to Harpers Ferry, but to get the opportunity to do some research is especially exciting as I am sure that I will find some excellent material. While at Harpers Ferry I am going to try to make it to the John Brown Wax Museum (never been) and over to Charlestown (now West Virginia), and also visit the Kennedy Farm in nearby Maryland, where Brown and his men gathered in the weeks before the raid.

I will be taking my laptop and I hope to post every couple days or so about my adventures. For me, the most difficult part of the trip is the wait to get started. Let's go!!!

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