Monday, December 28, 2020

Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2020

Stealing an idea from a fellow blogger, I thought I'd share the 10 most popular posts (determined by views) on Random Thoughts on History during 2020. Here goes:

9. (tie) "Zooming in on the 27th USCI Winter Encampment Near Petersburg" (December 7)

9. (tie) "Slavery Propaganda, 1841" (January 3)

8. "Col. Joseph Kiddoo Reports on Baylor's Farm Fight, June 15, 1864" (June 15)

7. "Refusing Capture: Capt. Theodore Gregg, Co. F, 45th Pennsylvania" (March 25)

6. "Zooming in on Federal Soldiers Removing Artillery from Confederate Fortifications" (April 14)

5. "Wounded USCTs Captured at the Crater Advertised in Petersburg" (August 13)

4. "Leasing the Enslaved Created Family Separations at Christmas and New Year" (December 13)

3. "Dying Far From Home - Pvt. Charles Alexander, Co. K, 22nd USCI" (March 1)

2. "Pvt. Thomas Prosser, 54th Massachusetts, Prisoner at Battery Wagner" (July 18)

1. "Battle of New Market Heights Memorial and Education Association" (January 1)

So, there you go. Thank you for reading! 

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