Tuesday, March 3, 2020

11 Years . . . and Counting

Today, March 3, 2020, marks the eleventh anniversary of the birth of "Random Thoughts on History." Eleven years has resulted in 1349 posts. That is about 122 posts per year on average, or about ten posts per month.

Some years have resulted in prolific production. During the blog's first year, I churned out 178 posts. In 2012, I must have been in a zone, breaking the 200 posts barrier for the first and only time. I came close again the following year when I fell only seven posts short. Other years seemed like a drought, like 2011 (74), 2016 (75), and 2017 (78).  With so many posts, more than once, I've had to use the blog's search feature to check and see if I had already posted on a specific subject, as I've made an effort to not duplicate.

Over the years, I've developed a number of themed series posts. Some of the most common are:
"Recent Acquisitions to My Library," posts make up over 35 additions.
"Just Finished Reading" book reviews are over 230 of the 1349 posts.
"Zooming In" photo manipulations are about 20 posts.

Hundreds of other singular posts relating to the blog's subtitle of "American, African American, Southern, Civil War, Reconstruction, Public History books and topics" fill "Random Thoughts on History's" pages.

It is my hope to continue posting as long as I enjoy doing so. Sharing my "Random Thoughts" has brought me friends, knowledge, and an ever growing appreciation for sharing the benefits of learning history. 

Thank you for reading!

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