Saturday, May 4, 2019

Help Save Land at the Petersburg Breakthrough, and Other Sites

I don't make too many appeals on this forum, but like the preacher's occasional appeal to the congregation, I feel a certain obligation to ask for your generosity to help accomplish a great good.

The American Battlefield Trust (ABT) is asking for donations to help save acreage at the Petersburg Breakthrough. Not only is this small sliver of land part of the April 2, 1865 actions, it was battled over on the March 25, 1864 Jones Farm fighting, as well as the October 1, 1864 engagement that spilled over from Peebles Farm.

In addition, and along with this appeal, is the opportunity to help save land from development at Reams Station, another Petersburg Campaign location, and at Champion's Hill, Mississippi, and Jackson, Tennessee.

Can you give up buying a book or other small purchase this month to dig into your pockets and find $25.00 (or more) and send to the good folks at ABT to save these precious acres?

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