Saturday, November 24, 2018

Civil War Talk Radio

If you are a history podcast fan, or if you're just a Civil enthusiast, I'd like to invite you to tune into Civil War Talk Radio with host Dr. Gerald Prokopowicz. Gerry is a history professor at East Carolina University and the author of a couple of excellent Civil War books. I met Gerry a few years ago when he brought a group of Stephen Ambrose Tours guests to the Park. Since then he's been back with those groups several times and we've stayed in touch.

This past June we caught up at the Gettysburg College Civil War Institute and he asked if I would be interested in being part of future show with a focus on public history at Civil War sites. Of course, I was honored to participate. That show aired on Halloween, but is available on the Civil War Talk Radio website, along with many other episodes from as far back as 2004. There are some excellent interviews with a many of the field's best historians available. I highly recommend you tune in. Happy listening! 


  1. Just listened to the October 31 broadcast of Civil War Talk Radio. Very informative and I enjoyed listening to you Tim. You have a very interesting job. I am half way through Shelby Foote's 3 volume Civil War. Just finished Stephen Sears' Landscape Turned Red. Next up will be the Sears book on the battle of Chancellorsville. The brilliance of Stonewall Jackson never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Hi Paul - Thanks for listening! Sears is a good writer - both of those are well done.