Sunday, October 15, 2017

Helping Make Ancestor Connections

If you are like me, too often, you receive those emails from unfamiliar senders that makes one wonder if your spam catcher is up to date or not. But, yesterday I received an unrecognized email in my mailbox that put a genuine smile on my face.

I did not remember seeing the sender's name before, but the title certainly rang a bell. "Corporal Harrison Graham." I figured the email was in relation to my blog, so I searched it and found this post I made back in May 2015.

This lady's email read: "Hello I am Harrison's great great great granddaughter. My mother and I have been wanting to know more about our family and your article took our breath away. I was wondering if may have had any pictures or any information about his wife Sara and their children. Thank you so much!!!"

Finally! One of my objectives for posting these soldier-focused USCT stories was now happily realized. I replied and returned her thanks with appreciation of my own for letting me know that I had helped with a piece of the historical puzzle. And I explained that, unfortunately, I did not have further information on Corp. Graham or his family. Of course, another objective was to bring a measure of attention to these largely forgotten men who gave their lives for the United States. Its seems that I achieved both goals with at least one reader. My day was made. 

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