Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More Hobson Barber Advertisements

Browsing through the April 23, 1857, issue of the Richmond Daily Dispatch, I happened upon an advertisement for Richmond free man of color and barber R. C. Hobson for "A New Hair Dye" (see above). I previously posted about Hobson and an 1859 advertisement of his back last July.

In this particular ad, Hobson listed his shop as being below the American Hotel on 11th Street. From my findings in Kentucky, as well as Virginia, it seems that many free black barbers located their places of business in such locales. Obviously being so near to hotel guests made such locations ideal for access to transitory customers and loyal patrons.    

In that same issue, but on a different page, Hobson ran another ad offering his barbering services to both "citizens and strangers." Hobson touted his ability to cut in the "latest and most improved style." He also promoted all of his services, which included "Hair Cutting, Shaving and Shampooing." In addition he marketed his hot and cold "Shower Baths" which were available at any time. One bath was $.25 or five tickets for baths could be bought for $1.00.

Hopefully, as I continue to search, I will find more of these type of advertisements to see how they compare and contrast.

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