Sunday, April 26, 2015

Petersburg Courthouse: Then and Now, 1865 and 2015

Well, I have gotten somewhat settled in here in Petersburg this week. I moved into my new place last Monday afternoon, and after several days of unpacking and placing things, I feel pretty good -- other than trying to get rid of the stupid bird who keeps trying to nest in my clothes dryer vent. Today, I finally had my cable hooked up and internet installed, so I thought I'd take the earliest opportunity to post.

On Thursday, I went to have the oil changed in my car. The good thing about going to a place where you have lived before is that you know where things like a good mechanic and barber are located. While my oil was being changed, I took the opportunity to walk into downtown Petersburg, get a library card to the new public library, and and snap some photographs of some of the historic architecture.

While many of the city's buildings were damaged during the famous so-called siege, the Petersburg Courthouse survived. The courthouse's appearance was recorded during the war when it was photographed in 1865 after the Union army captured the city (above). Today, it still stands, looking pretty much the same way it did 150 years ago (below).

Nearby, I also noticed that a work crew was busy working to restore the Southside Railroad Depot. The National Park Service will soon be using that historic structure for interpretation and a visitor's center.

When I was in Petersburg before (2006-2009), I suppose I took for granted the fantastic architectural landmarks that dot the area. Hopefully, this time I can take time to enjoy them more and share them on this forum.

Historic image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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