Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Historical Doppelganger?

In the past year I have seen a number of celebrity/historical look-a-like comparisons illustrated on the internet. Some are eerily close.

For instance, the similarities between Nicholas Cage and some random 19th century man is quite creepy. The eyes, the nose and mouth are all so closely similar they could seemingly be brothers or father and son.

But, so is a younger John Travolta and some other random daguerreotype era dude. The only real difference is the historical figure doesn't have the divot chin. 

When searching out an image of Andrew Johnson that I could use for my last post, I happened upon a photograph that struck me as reminiscent of someone, but I could not for the life of me figure out who at first. 

I think I have decided why I could not initially come up with who this photo reminded me of.  I think I was imagining a combination of two people and couldn't settle on one. At last it finally struck me that this looked somewhat like Tommy Lee Jones. 

Jones, of course, recently portrayed 19th century Pennsylvania congressman Thaddeus Stevens in Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln." The part was a good fit for Jones, especially with the wig. But, I think he makes an even better Andrew Johnson. If they make a movie of Johnson in the next few years (which they won't) Jones should get first right of refusal. By the way, if you are curious, yes, there is as already a biographical movie out there. "Tennessee Johnson" was released in 1942 and starred Van Heflin as Johnson and Lionel Barrymore as, interestingly, Johnson's nemesis Thad Stevens. I caught it once on TMC and wasn't impressed. I would really like to pick the producer and director's brain why they chose Johnson for a movie.

However, if Jones and television political talking head Pat Buchanan could have a love child and waited until he turned late middle age then that would probably be an even better choice to play Johnson.

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