Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quincy Gilmore's General Order Number 9

GEORGETOWN, KY., October 22d, 1862

GENERAL ORDERS, NO.9.  The practice indulged in by some of the officers and men of this Division, of enticing colored people within the lines, is becoming an evil of such magnitude as to demand the immediate and rigorous application of a remedy.

It is demoralizing to an army to be encumbered with non-combatant hangers-on of any kind or class, and they will not be allowed in this Division, except under such restrictions as will place them within direct and entire control from these Head Quarters.

It is especially made the duty of guards and pickets, and of brigade and regimental commanders to refuse admission within the lines to that class of people known as "contrabands."

All those now within the lines or that may hereafter in any way gain access thereto, will at once be taken in charge by the division Quartermaster and reported to these Head Quarters, for such action thereon as may be deemed expedient. By order of BRIGADIER GENERAL Q. A. GILMORE

Image courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration.

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