Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And Another Envelope

Another Confederate patriotic envelope called on their Revolutionary War heritage and advised their Union enemies not to "TREAD ON US." During the American Revolution, the rattlesnake, was a symbol of the colonies. To the English it was derogatory, as they thought snakes symbolized sneaky shiftiness and potential treachery. To the Americans the rattlesnake was something to be glorified. To them it showed that if left alone there would be not trouble, but if bothered it would give warning and then strike.  The rattlesnake on the envelope is coiled around the national symbol of the new country, their flag.

Below the rattlesnake and flags motif is the phrase "EVER READY WITH OUR LIVES AND FORTUNES," and an image of a palmetto tree; presumably referencing the state of South Carolina.

Courtesy Library of Congress

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